2011 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 3,400 times in 2011. If it were a cable car, it would take about 57 trips to carry that many people.

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Job hunter’s guide to using social media effectively

From New Grad Life blog

Your Social Media Presence

Social media also makes it a whole lot easier for HR to research who you are and get a little background. Maybe more than professional background, so it’s very important that you get out there and see what your social media profiles and presence looks like through a recruiters eyes. As a job seeker this is definitely key! Do some searches on yourself. Try Google first because it’s the most common. Dig more than a few pages down and see what comes up. Then give Yahoo and MSN a try too. You very well may find different information.

Make a list of the positive and negative references out there that impact you as a job applicant and make a plan to deal with them. Ask your college room-mate to take down the picture of you dancing on the bar in a toga with a beer bong. Some things may not be correctable. Have your explanation ready so you’re not caught off-guard. Odds are you won’t need it but be prepared.

Balance out negative things said about you on sites like MySpace and FaceBook by asking your friends to post referrals or positive comments. “Just checked out Anna’s portfolio and she positively ROCKS!!!” can’t hurt you, especially if it’s true. If you have enough positive comments and information about you, the one bad reference will dissapear under the avalanche of positive information.

Your profiles

If you’re new to social media this is a good time to get involved as an online job seeker. There are a host of options out there to help you put your best foot forward and land a job. Creating Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin profiles allows you to reach a variety of people. Create the profiles carefully and choose the people you connect to with an eye for professionalism. I can’t get into friending strategy here, but remember you want to focus on quality not quantity and make sure to build your relationships so people are in a position to recommend you for a job.


There are a wonderful array of tools to create a resume on-line. You should think about who you’re going to be talking to and create a resume that suits the need. Maybe you’ll have a different resume for each field you’re qualified in.

VisualCV – Lets a job seeker create a resume and upload portfolio items, PPT slide sets, Audio or Video to enhance the presentation. Layout is modifiable and the user can download as a PDF to print or email.

Razume helps a job seeker build your resume and then you can get crowd-source reviews from other users in the community. Fine tuning with this kind of input from your peers can really make a difference. The site also offers job search right on the site.

ResumeSocial is a social resume community similar to Razume, but it’s got the added benefit of user reviews of your cover letters, follow ups job search and a career center with useful tips and info.


Some networks will be more useful than others depending on what your needs are. You may want to look at some forums or blogs where people in your industry hang out. If your business is corporate, you may want to connect on the professional networks like Xing and Linkedin.
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Kitchen gadgetssss…me becoming a geek :P

High-Tech Kitchen: Ingenious Gadgets and Appliances

Ice Pops Made Easy

Summer is here and the kids are ready for icy treats. So why not make your own with healthy ingredients and minimal work using the Zoku Quick Pop Maker. Personalize the perfect dessert using fruit juice, yogurt, milk, cream and fruit, then get creative with toppings like cookie crumbs and sprinkles. Best of all, it freezes your treats on demand in less than 10 minutes. The space-saving gadget lives in your freezer, coming out only when you’re ready to chill. Includes reusable sticks and drip guards for an added green sheen. ($50 at Zoku)

Zoku Quick Pop Maker

It’s Bananas

Make a low-cal indulgence using nothing but bananas with the Yonanas Frozen Treat Maker. It’s an almost bizarre-looking appliance that sits on your counter, and when you put frozen bananas in, a nutritious dessert resembling soft-serve ice cream comes out. Add more fruit — like blueberries or mango — for a twist, and freeze your treats with the included Popsicle molds to save for later. ($50 at HSN)


Some gadgets I would buy :D

Incredibly Cool Finds for the Gadget Geek

Nikon Coolpix S1100pj

Ok, here’s a first: a digital camera that shoots high-definition video and has a built-in projector that lets you view slideshows or video on any flat surface. The S1100pj captures 14-megapixel images, boasts a touchscreen display and a wide array of shooting modes and features ($300 at Nikon.com)

nikon coolpix projector

HP TouchSmart tm2t

The HP TouchSmart tm2t is a multitasking marvel. The 12-inch touchscreen twists 180 degrees for use a slate/sketchpad. Navigate the Web, type onscreen using fingers or opt for the trackpad and full keyboard to crank out written work. (From $850 at HP.com)

touchsmart tablet

Natural Wake Up Light

Rising and shining may become a little easier with this Natural Wake-Up Light, which features a light that gradually gets brighter over a 15-minute period. Snoozing shouldn’t be a problem either: the system includes a nature sound machine and a radio. ($100 at Verilux)

light clock

Mint Automatic Floor Cleaner

This Automatic Floor Cleaner takes reusable microfiber cloths or disposable cleaning sheets (wet or dry) and automatically cleans hard floors. A special tracking system determines where the robo-cleaner has already mopped and which areas need work. Basically, it mops the floor for you. What’s not to love? ($249 at Mint)


The 12 Bugs of Christmas

The 12 Bugs of Christmas

For the twelfth bug of Christmas, my manager said to me:

  • Tell them it’s a feature
  • Say it’s not supported
  • Change the documentation
  • Blame it on the hardware
  • Find a way around it
  • Say they need an upgrade
  • Reinstall the software
  • Ask for a dump
  • Run with the debugger
  • Try to reproduce it
  • Ask them how they did it and
  • See if they can do it again

Found on ComputerJokes.net.

Craciun din inima de student

Ca în fiecare an, în preajma Crăciunului, Asociaţia Studenţilor Informaticieni Ieşeni organizează evenimentul caritabil “Crăciun din inimă de student”.

ASII vă propune prin acest bal de caritate ajutorarea celor pentru pentru care Sărbătorile nu mai reprezintă un prilej de bucurie în familie, ci un alt motiv de îngrijorare, din cauza neajunsurilor.

În acest an vă invităm să ne unim forţele pentru Gogu Loredana, o fetiţă înscrisă la Centrul de zi pentru Copii şi Tineret “Don Bosco” din Iaşi. Loredana provine dintr-o familie cu doi copii, locuieşte într-o cameră dintr-o casă dărăpănată şi-i lipsesc până şi apa curentă şi curentul electric.

Pentru un zâmbet de-al ei organizăm, pe data de 11 decembrie 2010 la Ateneul Tătăraşi, balul de caritate aflat la a 7-a ediţie, la care va invităm cu mare drag.

…. continuarea aici 🙂