Bugs Money

Bugs Money.


Second Annual Cost of Cyber Crime Study – Ponemon Institute August 2011

Following are the most salient findings of this year’s study:

  • Cyber crimes continue to be very costly for organizations
  • Cyber crime cost varies by organizational size
  • Cyber crimes are intrusive and common occurrences
  • The most costly cyber crimes are those caused by malicious code, denial of service,
    stolen or hijacked devices and malicious insiders
  • Cyber attacks can get costly if not resolved quickly
  • Information theft continues to represent the highest external cost, followed by the costs
    associated with business disruption
  • Recovery and detection are the most costly internal activities
  • Enterprise deployment of SIEM makes a difference
  • All industries fall victim to cybercrime, but to different degrees
  • A strong security posture moderates the cost of cyber attacks
  • Enterprise deployment of GRC practices moderates the cost of cyber crime

Here is the study.