Acceptance Test Engineering Guide

Why acceptance testing?

Patterns & practices has produced just a few guides related to testing (including performance testing, security testing of web apps, and testing of .NET application blocks). However, we hear a lot of requests from our customers for guidance on testing and test strategy in general, and also guidance on every type of testing you can think of. Based on this customer feedback, and a look at what guidance was available, we determined that acceptance testing was the next area to invest in.

What is acceptance testing?

Working definitions for a number of terms are available in our Draft Glossary. The current definition that is framing our work and discussions is:

  • Acceptance Testing: Planned evaluation of a system by customers/customer proxies to assess to what degree it satisfies their expectations.

We are open to suggestions on this and other terms. Please leave comments on the Draft Glossary page.

What are we producing?

This guide is the first in the series of three dedicated to acceptance testing and requirements engineering:

  • Acceptance test engineering guide
  • Acceptance test automation guide
  • Tool support for acceptance test-driven development.

The first guide will cover the discipline of acceptance testing from several perspectives and contexts. It will provide models, heuristics and a set of actionable job aides rooted in a sample app. The focus is on:

  • How to Plan for Acceptance Testing
  • What Kinds of Acceptance Tests to Run
  • How to Create and Run Acceptance Tests
  • Defining What “Done” Means
  • How to Justify Your Approach

What types of things you can learn in the guide?

If any of the following goals apply to you, you will want to check out the the guide.

You can download the Acceptance Test Engineering Guide from here.


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A Tester Is For Life, Not Just For Christmas

In November 2010 SoftwareTesting Club (STC) launched a new community charity project called “A Tester is for life, not just for Christmas”. The response was overwhelming and this eBook you are reading now is the results of this experiment. The aim of the eBook was to ask a simple set of questions and garner responses from the Testing Community. The responses are enlightening, inspiring and in some cases, hilarious.

This eBook is free for you to download and distribute as you see fit, but all STC asks in return is that you consider donating to Oxfam via our Just Giving site:

A tester for life

A tester for life

Testometer Triangle Test

This is probably one of the most common question in software testing interview. This problem was first introduced by Myers, who was one of the first person to treat Software Testing as a different subject all together. This test check your ability to think about generating test data in a given condition.

Click here to enjoy it.

My results (mdaa:D ..still to work on this):

Good. Your Testometer Reading is 8   on a scale of Ten.
Testometer is HAPPY :)”

Kanban vs Scrum

I’ve heard about the Kanban system before, but only general definitions. Today by curiosity I’ve started to search for more information and it’s quite interesting what I’ve found.
Hope you’ll find it useful too.
Here are some links for documentation with some great examples:

This is Scrum:



And this is Kanban:



Software Testing Tutorials – free video tutorials

Following the first link you can find some really interesting video tutorials. The second link contains some free tests designed to challenge your technical skills (LR ,QC, QTP,Testing Tools, ISTQB Fundamentals, QTP Certification):